The Bus
This was one of the most interesting projects to date.  I learned so many new building and finishing techniques while working on the bus – from bondo to roll painting, sewing to welding, wiring and everything in between.  The bus was in rough shape both inside and out when I purchased it.  I tore out everything then refinished and added on to nearly every part of this vehicle.  Seats came from a Corolla – I learned how to sew and made the seatcovers.  Seat belts came from a BMW.  Headliners came from foam mattress toppers.  I welded a bumper from heavy steel bars sourced from marina scrap.  I installed all new wood panelling, a table with a leaf, LED lighting, a pull out bed, jump seats, stereo with amp and subwoofer.  The project continues to this day.

theBus theBus3 theBus2 theBus5 theBus5-1 theBus4 theBus4-1 theBus1